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It is an absolute privilege and honour to be entrusted with a loved ones ashes to create a memorial keepsake bead. I have made thousands of beads over the years, but sitting down to make a memorial bead is the most important bead of my day. It is incredibly rewarding when my customers receive their glass beads and get to touch and hold their memorial close. They are so grateful and there is nothing better than getting to see or hear about their joy. With every new customer comes a unique but similar experience; I just know this is a truly wonderful service to offer.

Please note I am based in Calgary, Alberta but am proud to work with customers across Canada and the United States. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Each of the cremation memorial pieces in these collections is available as a wearable item of cremation jewelry, or, as a displayable piece of cremation art. Click on a collection to learn more.

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Eternal Tree Memorial

Eternal Tree

The sky is where you see the cremation ashes. I would suggest the sky be various shades of transparent blue or grey.

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Forever in my Heart Memorial

Forever in my Heart

This bead is three quarters opaque glass. The remaining quarter is made with a "window" of transparent glass, within which you will see your loved one's ashes. The colour choices with this bead are essentially unlimited.

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Clearly Loved Memorial

Clearly Loved

This bead can be made in virtually any shape you wish. We can also make "large hole" beads for you to wear on your charm type bracelets.

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Together Ever After Cremation Jewelry

Together Ever After

This bead is made with very similar features as the "Forever in My Heart" bead, but has the ability to have two loved ones ashes within the bead.

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Mans Best Friend Pet Memorial, Dog Cremation Memorial

Man's Best Friend

This is my one dog specific bead. You may choose from 3 different styles as viewed in the photo. The bones will slip onto a chain to be worn, can be displayable or can be put onto a keychain.

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Furrever Remembered Pet Memorial

Furrever Remembered

This collection uses the colors of your loved animal to personalize his or her cremation memorial. This sample bead was made with the colors of our Bernese mountain dog. Any colors may be used and any shape or size can be made.

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