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About Eternal Flame

My name is Rhonda Neufeld, and I believe it is an absolute privilege and honour to be entrusted with a loved ones ashes to create a memorial keepsake bead. I have made thousands of beads over the years, but sitting down to make a memorial bead is the most important bead of my day. It is incredibly rewarding when my customers receive their glass beads and get to touch and hold their memorial close. They are so grateful and there is nothing better than getting to see or hear about their joy. With every new customer comes a unique but similar experience; I just know this is a truly wonderful service to offer.

Please note I am based in Calgary, Alberta but am proud to work with customers across Canada and the United States. I look forward to hearing from you.

How It All Began

Lampworking has been my passion for several years now. We have always known that cremation ashes could be incorporated into glass to make memorial beads. This is one type of bead I had just never tried to do before.

Losing someone you love is the hardest thing one ever has to go through. It is with our beloved Gracey, a Bernese Mountain Dog, that I was able to learn how to work with ashes and incorporate them into molten glass to create beautiful works of art.

A Story

Hi Rhonda,
I just wanted to share a little story with you.
I told my family over the phone, that I was having some of Dakota's ashes made into wearable glass art. At first my Dad said he'd prefer to spread all of Dakota's ashes in our favourite walking spot. Then as he was driving the two hours to visit me, he said he got to thinking if Dakota could choose where to be for the rest of time, what would he pick?

And right away he knew that if it were up to Dakota, wherever we go is where he'd want to be. Dakota was always happiest when he was close to us. Dad said, and I agree that we did the best thing by having Dakota's remains made into something beautiful we can cherish and take with us wherever in the world we go. Thank you Rhonda for helping turn his wonderful personality into little works of art so that every member of my family can treasure his memory.

Warmly, Marilee Campbell

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