Eternal Flame Glass Art Memorials

The Process

In order to make cremation ash beads, a small amount (1 teaspoon) of your loved ones ashes are required. Any unused ashes will be returned. I assure you I take this responsibility very seriously and handle ashes with the upmost respect and care.

My studio is located in Calgary, Alberta and if you are located in this area we have the option of meeting together at my studio, or talking on the phone. When you work with Eternal Flame you will always speak with me, your artist Rhonda Neufeld, directly. I am proud to say I have worked with customers across Canada and the United States, so if you are located in another region I am happy to provide a consultation over the phone, at which time I can also provide guidance in regards to secure shipping. In our initial meeting we will discuss your vision and get a sense of your expectations. I will ask you about your loved one and would love to see a photo if possible. It is a very spiritual feeling to work with a loved ones ashes, and the joy the results bring to customers who have entrusted me is unspeakable.

Due to the very personal and custom nature of each order, I do not list specific prices on this site, and do not have an online order form. During our consultation we will discuss bead pricing depending on the size, style, and level of artistic detail required for your piece. Beads generally range in price from $20 - $150. Your order will be completed in a very reasonable amount of time.

I am confident that together we can create the perfect memorial bead for you. I would love to be your artist!


Rhonda Neufeld
Heart shaped ash memorial
Tree cremation memorial
Wearable ash memorial

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